Week 5 Point of View

Day 1 (Monday)

How does one wear all their clothes at once? I have a whole hoard of t-shirts and I quickly realized if I tried to wear them traditionally that I would have a rough time. So I thought about a way to wear all of them without being suffocated.

I decided to weave them together to create a cape. Through wrapping and stringing them together by the end I was able to make a solid piece to drape over my shoulders.

And then I was hungry so I had some dinner (with assistance).

All the t-shirts together were 18lbs so of course I got a little crushed.

Starring: my dog, Stitch, who just does not vibe with my art.
Piled clothes to put away.
Returned to my closet

Day 2 (Tuesday)

The challenge was to create a pillow fort your childhood self would be proud of. Tiny problem, I was an avid fort builder as a kid and I never really stopped building them. As my roommate knows well, whenever I had an exam to study for I would build a fort to tone out distractions. Although it may fall on me or get destroyed before the test, I found them very helpful. That being said, as a child I always was looking to build a fort big enough for more than one person and that had interesting lights. So I set on a journey to build the biggest fort I could that would have nice lighting. Here is what I ended up with.


With the lights off at night.

Inside the Fort

(Yes, I have a mattress in there for maximum comfort.)

I tried getting different perspectives of the fort with my camera and it inspired so long exposure pictures.

My Fort Tour (watch muted for best viewing experience)

Day 4 (Wednesday)

I decided to make a mask and a suit to express the caution behind going outside. Or at least how scary it can be sometimes to leave the house even just for fresh air. I wanted to wear a plastic suit but since I do not own one I made one by hot gluing plastic bags together.

I also added a mask that I made out of card board and plastic gallon bottoms.

Here is the final look.

In the fort.

Day 4 (Friday)

Making a sculpture with clothes was a very personal experience. Clothes can have history and can become very sentimental objects. In this project I wanted to express that with the many leotards that I still have from gymnastics. When I quit the sport last year I gave a few of them to my young teammates, but because of their size many could not take them because of how big they are. This has left a handful of them to still remain hanging in my closet.

My leotards not only remind me of my time in gymnastics but the all the events that happened in my high school years. Leotards can be expensive and hard to find (especially comfortable ones for practice) so each time I received a new leotard it marked a new era in my life. For example, one leotard my coach gave the team when she quit for a new job marks the beginning of my sophomore year and a series of new coaches. Included in the leotards I have shirts I used for coaching or even just wearing after practice.

Since these pieces of clothing tell a story I decided to suspend them with yarn from different points on my ceiling. This way, each are connected and are able to take their own shape in the space similar to how the memories act in my mind. And just like memories each hang still in a place to be used to reflect and as inspiration.

How do we view memory? Can the memories be fond but still acknowledge the struggles you faced during different moments? I like to think with every bad event there is good and the times of hardship lead to times of happiness. So as I looked through my memories to display perspective and view of my emotions in my work. There is a calm in every chaos but how can we find and display both simultaneously? That was when I decided to explore lighting temperature in the work.

Cold Light
Warm Light

There are two ways to view memories; with specificity, delving into specific events or generally, by looking back on large spans of time without addressing them.

Light on the inside of the memory.
Light on the Outside of a Memory

Day 5 (Saturday)

When I am in Alfred I constantly wear a blue beanie that has a hole in the center for my ponytail so I decided to research the origin of the beanie.

The beanie originated in the US in the early 20th century, as the word ‘bean’ was often used as slang for the word head. In the beginning, the beanie was sewn from wool which has been used to make garments since the 4th century B.C.E. However, the material now is often mixed with nylon and synthetics. In addition, brimmed beanies were very popular with blue collar workers because of their warmth and ability to shade the eyes. They were worn by college freshmen in the 1950’s but the trend quickly faded and afterwards they were mostly worn as a necessity. However, in the 1990’s the hat became very popular in colleges as it could be used to express oneself with logos and colors. Ever since then beanies have been vast in style and are commonly found as a part of modern fashion.

Day 6 (Sunday)

Portrait day! This is my recreation of a photograph portrait taken in 1910. Mostly because it had a dog! I had to figure out how to replicate the outfit to the best of my ability and with some help I was able to create a semi-functional outfit.

My Version:

Sitter- Me

Photographer- My bother

Dog Wrangler- My mom


Sitter- Helen Clay Frick, 2 Sep 1888 – Nov 1984

Artist- Henry Havelock Pierce, 1864 – 1943

(Not noted whether a dog wrangler was necessary. Oh, to have a dog that supports your art.)

CoLab Inside/Outside

Prompt 1- Writing a Letter to Yourself

I wrote this letter to my future self by mailing it to my address at Alfred since I will not be able to open it until I move in again. Strange thinking that in 2 weeks we will be technically sophomores, whew! I used water colors to create the look of the stationary (since I do not have any) an I wrote with a brush tip pen to get the font of the letters.

Prompt 2- Pandemic Aesthetic

The pandemic has not really changed my outfits at all. I have not entered any other buildings but my house for a month so I have not needed a mask or gloves and the outfits I wear now are the same as the ones I wore at Alfred.

Admittedly, I am very far from a fashionista, I like comfortable clothes and if they happen to look good that is also good. Everyday I wear a t-shirt and black pants, predictable but dependable. And for practicality, a thick tie-dye scrunchy to hold back my hair later in the day. If I get cold I usually grab a sweatshirt from my room, all of which either have some popculture reference or something about gymnastics. The only thing I do not wear everyday that I did in Alfred is my blue hat which, works mostly for warmth.

New Jersey isn’t very cold. Especially this year when apparently we had no snow (can you imagine?!). So all my heavy winter gear is in a storage unit in Hornel just yearning until next year.

Actually this gets me thinking… it might be a good idea to change my style a bit. I was looking through some of my old sketchbooks and came across a record of the things I wear everyday and I drew the same thing I wear now and I realized I haven’t altered my style since 8th grade. Maybe I am just a cartoon character since most of the time in cartoons characters are depicted with a closet of identical outfits.

If I did change I think I would wear overalls (that I could paint in and also decorate myself). The pockets in overalls would be really useful and as an added bonus I will not have to worry about them slipping. But the reason I think I wear black stretch/ yoga pants all the time is because being a gymnast it was really important to me to be able to do handstands or splits without worrying about what I was wearing.

Prompt 4: Exquisite COLAB

I partnered with Duckie and the two of us decided to create an animal together. In order to do so we used a random animal generator and then took turns making changes and additions combining animals to create a mythical beast.

First Duckie sent me a Water-buck

Then I added a parakeet:

Duckie added an iguana:

Lastly, I added a Jackal

I also added a background for effect.

It was really fun being able to work together with them and I think we were able to make something very unique by combining our style.

Prompt 6: Go Outside, Draw a Line

We were told to draw a line as long as possible. So I took a whole piece of chalk and tried to see how many driveway blocks I could fill with the one piece. Surprisingly I could barely fill in 1 with the 6 inch long piece I used. But that was alright with me since I managed not to stop drawing the line until the chalk had all but disappeared.

It was a very fun experience to work with chalk again since I normally draw Disney characters in the summer for little kids on my driveway. Historically, every time I draw on the driveway it rains with in 24 hours and this was no acceptation. But over night I had an idea, I wanted to use art to brighten my neighborhood like I would normally for practice in the summer. I decided to create a very large picture of a peaceful garden with a calming message in hopes that people will would see it and gain encouragement to keep a positive attitude during these difficult times. I wanted to use this line project to connect people other than just blocks on my driveway.

Strong Together and Apart

I drew a forest not just because of its employment of line but also to create tranquility for people that are on their walks. Sadly it rained that night and was washed away before people could view it.

Week 3: Frame by Frame

Gestural Movement Exercise

For this exercise I wanted to draw people other than my family since I see them every single day now and it is good to keep myself open to other subjects. Across the street from our development is a municipal building, dirt bike path, and sled hill that people normally use to get out of the house so I road my bike over with my sketchbook and managed to get 5 drawings before I ran out of people. Or the people walked too far away where I couldn’t see them. I was very focused on keeping my distance and usually drew them as fast as I could from across the street. Then I did the other 5 on my family members.


Kid on Dirt Bike Trail
Man on a Break from his Jog
1 of 3 Off Duty Police Officers Getting Fresh Air
Small Dog! So Much Energy!


My Brother Studying 1
Dad Watching Documentary

The Animation

It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to animate since unless you look for movement in the day regularly it is difficult to narrow down. But I also wanted to draw something relating to my family.

An everyday occurrence at our house is music since my dad is a pianist and my mom is a music therapist. They love what they do, so I will often hear the keys of a piano echoing throughout my home. Growing up I never noticed how uncommon live music is in places other than a bar or city streets on the weekend. As a result, when I got to college this year I felt like something was missing and in that silence I realized how much it meant to me.

My parent’s love for music, that carries its rhythm in my house, is something that connects us as a family and allows us to understand each other. And I will forever be thankful for its sound. My drawing is of my Dad’s hands on the keys and even though there is no sound in the clip I can hear every press of the keys.

Fuse Week- Color Time!

Assignment 1: Color Wheel Scavenger Hunt

For my color wheel I wanted to use nostalgic items from my childhood and I felt that something from my childhood display my surroundings well.

Assignment 2 Colors Organized Neatly


Silly Band Compositions/ Full Spectrum

I created compositions out of Silly Bands with the monochrome organization in mind at first but after further looking into examples of color experimentation assignment I rethought it but I still wanted to include them here since they are apart of the process and I like what they represent.

Assignment 3-Color Research Yellow Naples


Naples yellow is a yellow originally made from lead antimoniate and was used in many locations around the world throughout history. It is one of the first synthetic pigments, made from heated lead or antimony oxide. Now it is made artificially or with a combination of cadmium yellow and chinese white to get a similar pigment. The shade can be found naturally in the mineral bindheimite but the paint was usually produced synthetically. During the 15th century Naples yellow was switched from lead to artificial non-toxic inorganic chromium titanate pigment to protect artists working with the material. However, on occasion the shade is sold in its original antimony/lead compound but it is specified through safety warnings. 

The shade is a soft yellow opaque which makes it look creamy but it can span to a warmer yellow. The shade can be found in Manet’s “Music in the Tuileries.” It is also named after the city of Naples in Italy because the deposits of the metals used being present in mount Vesuvius. These deposits were used heavily in the 15th-17th centuries when the shade became very sought after by renaissance painters. The shade can even be found as early as ancient Babylon in glazes and in early Egyptian glass. 

Objects with the Shade

The color of Naples yellow spans to the color of the ground and the sand of the beach.
Or even the shade of the sunset in this picture and the color chosen for a fictional crest in Happy Potter.

Assignment 4- Artist Research Mickalene Thomas

Artist Background

Michalene Thomas is a portrait artist who uses acrylics, enamel, and rhinestones to depict women in a collage format. She uses color in her pieces to accent and frame her portraits. Most of the colors she uses together are warm while the accents are usually cold shades. This allows the attention to be on the figures she depicts in the center of her art. A majority of the art she creates uses contrasting primary and secondary colors. However, she uses photographs and other papers in her paintings to represent identity because it creates a sense of depth in her art. In addition, Michalene Thomas uses rhinestones in her pieces which affect the colors of the pieces since they refract light. This refraction causes a shine that entices the viewer to look more closely at the portrait. The warm light of her palette as well as the materials creates a beautiful combination of reflection of self and a world that welcomes even the unfamiliar viewer. 

Her Work

Mickalene Thomas
Portrait of Fran
Mickalene Thomas
Shug Kisses Celie
Naomi Sims by Mickalene Thomas | Ocula
Naomi Sims
Portrait of Din #3 by Mickalene Thomas | Ocula
Portrait of Din #3
Mickalene Thomas
Tracey Norman
Gayletter Magazine

Week 1, Location, Location, Location

A Reflection on Professional Artists

The many different ways artists are able to work at home and what working at home means to them.  I found myself wondering the purpose of the art versus the space at the beginning of the videos I watched. Especially in Lucas Blalock’s and Latoya Ruby Frazier  home space where he takes numerous photos of everyday objects/ people. While Blalock takes photos of objects, Frazier photographs intimate portraits of family in an attempt to address social issues. Or the use of paper for Louise Despont and Laleh Khorramian and how they are able to create works on a wall, floor or table using a collection of things they have learned. By studying these artists I have come to understand how the location of where you create your work affects the results. For Khorramain and Bryan Zanisnik how they view their childhood experiences impacts their work in tremendous ways. In addition, the way that artists are able to involve their loved ones to display something deeper is a  wonderful concept I would love to go into in my work. 

Out of the artists we learned about the one I can connect with the most is Bryan Zanisnik for his relationship with his childhood that allows him to create performance works. While a performance work does not match my mindset when making art per-say; the intimate relationship between childhood experience and his work is something I wish to see in my art. Being able to reflect on the past allows for in depth concepts that many people can benefit from. The topic of childhood is an important thing to draw from as an artist because everyone has had a time in life in which they grew and developed identity. When other people who went through similar struggles growing up see work they are able to connect on a deeper level their experience is validated. This validation allow them to feel more connected with themselves which venerates respect and understanding between the viewer and artist. 

Currently my studio is in my childhood home, which strongly impacts the way I think about my art. Prior in my new space at Alfred I found I was able to tap into my childhood on a conservative level to create work using memory. Since I am home, memory is more constant since it is everywhere I look especially in my bedroom and basement studio space which are the two places I work the most. By using  Bryan Zanisnik’s technique of incorporating the history of things in my environment with the meaning of my work I find I will be able to use this space to my advantage. 

A Field Study of Packs

Throughout my childhood I reached and surpassed many milestones and no better object can tell you about an era in someone’s life than a bag. Everyone uses bags, whether it is to carry things or just a fashion statement, every bag has a story. Throughout my field study I will be using bags from different times in my life to demonstrate personal growth through the changes in my bags.

Daily Practice 4 Final Post!


I have been working everyday to create characters with people. I haven’t created too many characters in the past so not only is it a great way to get to know many different people but it is also a very great method to improve my ability to draw an image in my mind. The creation of these characters are centered around one question, “if you had a super power what would it be?” And I go on get answers of; with that power, what would the person be? Last time I met with professors and interviewed them to create characters. This “week” (it has been a bit longer because of the amount of people I interviewed this session) I interviewed as many people as I could and tried to reach out to as many different people as I could before I ran out of space.


Wow, it is finally done. I started drawing in this sketchbook last year so I had a few pages full before I started this project. Little did I know I would use every single remaining page with this project. After the assigned weeks of the project was over I had already started the next week so I decided to complete it. There are no more pages left in the sketchbook. The result is 40 characters. All interviewed and drawn in a delicate manner. I had to put careful thought to each person since each of them spent time answering my questions it is only fair I put time and effort to represent them well and really portray them the way they described to the best of my ability.

I was able to interview the teacher I missed last time.

During our interview he encouraged me to see if President Zupan was interested so I decided to send him an email. When I did he emailed me back and we scheduled a time to meet, which was incredible and unexpected! I continued interviewing those for this session with that excitement.

I have received many answers but none was more thought out than my roommates. She has seen me running around and working myself up to talk to people this entire time. Not to mention the amount of late nights we have spent discussing my results. She has been an amazing support throughout this whole thing and it would feel, like something was missing if I didn’t interview her too. When I finally asked her, her eyes lit up and I knew I was in for a very detailed answer. Her day is 29 for reference.


This project pushed me to do something I never thought I would have the courage to do. Every interview I felt my perception of how I approach people change. As a result towards the end I felt less hesitant when interviewing people and more confident that I could do it.

While I am still not entirely confident with my ability to depict people and necessarily approaching everyone, this project showed me that with time and effort, eventually I will get to that level.

I kept the results to Alfred University since I already know my home so well that, while I am unsure of the answers, it might be easier to interview the contacts I still have there and it wouldn’t have pushed me to the same level. The other thing about interviewing Alfred was it gave me a greater understanding of what it means to be in this school. The people make the school what it is. Only 2 people out of 40 choose villain for their character that demonstrates to me the intent to do good is far greater here than the intent try to cause harm.

The results are powerful with a lot of common threads. However, it is more fun to look for them for yourself. It makes the findings more personal in a sense.

I also created a music playlist relating to heroes and having power bigger than yourself.

Characters Created this Week

The Final Product

What’s Next?

To be honest I am unsure of what next. It feels good to be done, even if it is just for now. But I do have an entire other Red Sketchbook so who knows what is to come. If more people are interested. Maybe.

Final Performance

Final Performance Video

Our final performance for the class.


Personally, I enjoyed this project. Compared to my other finals for foundations I found myself more excited for this one in particular. In high school I often worked on the sets for the musicals and plays and this project brought me back to that. I loved making the model of the space because of my nostalgia with similar endeavors. Additionally, the skit we created reminded me of a musical theater class I was in for some time. I put in effort and I feel content with it’s conclusion.

Our group dynamic was very different from past groups I have been in due to how different we all are personality wise. I think we used this to our advantage however because of how we are represented in different ways in the project. Even down to the objects we picked and what character traits we choose for the characters we made all had a small piece of us in them.

Even though at times we had our differences we all were working to make our project the best it could be and I believe we succeeded. I am very proud of what we were able to create and happy to have been able to take this part of foundations because it kept me challenged and engaged.

My Group’s Blogs

Tanith: https://tcfoundations.wordpress.com

Taney: https://darkinsfoundations.wordpress.com

Adeye: https://adeyefoundations.wordpress.com

Performance Process


Each of us spent quite a bit of time on our costumes. We used fabric we purchased as well as cardboard and paint for bigger pieces. We assembled or outfits in some cases built them. The outfits being built we worked together on. Here are pictures.

I started with the piece of fabric above the skirt but decided to remove that idea since it didn’t work out. Sadly I did spend a lot of time trying to work it in but it ultimately is just not what I was going for, in the design.

Sometimes, you need to dye a shirt, and sometimes you don’t have dye or the right paint. So you do what you need to do, and find some carrots and hope for the best. I hope for guidance in these trying times. This is short notice for a costume change and I would just buy an orange shirt but I don’t have a car or a drivers license. If this doesn’t work I might just paint it the best I can.
After 3 hours of boiling it in carrots, this is as dark as I could get it. But I think it represents my object better than it did before because of its worn down look to it.
Us helping each other with costumes.


Through out the process we had to make some changes to our script and as a result we don’t follow the script verbatim. The recreation of the script was to make the transitions more smooth and and give it a little more of a follow-able story. The general plot points of the script are still followed but in order to represent it properly we needed to be able to ad lib a bit. All of our characters are very different and each require a different representation to be true to the attributes. We also found it necessary to give the Manager (played by Tanith after the death of bagel and me during the death of Bagel) a more constant role as well as give the Dirty Moka the introduction to make everything more smooth.


We put a lot of time in our practicing. We met about 4 times over the course of the weekend and even ran though it in partial costume to have practice maneuvering them and preparing costume changes. Overall every time we practice we got more and more solid.

We spent a portion of the meeting time discussing how to edit the story to better work with the characters we developed but it all worked in the end.And our dress rehearsal time with the teachers really helped our vision.

A Rehearsal

Story of the Space

Images of the process

Reflections on Group’s Process

Our group worked apart for a lot of the production of the zine, using a google doc at first to all communicate. Each of us were supposed to type the dialog we were putting on our story so that each of us could read it and play off of it for our characters. This was supposed to be entered by that night but not everyone got it done and one person still has yet to enter their actual dialog from the zine into the doc, evidently, we needed to find another system. After that we finally got some communication going and got other members on the same page (pun intended ha).

Throughout this process I learned that everyone works differently and some people need to have directions set out many times to be able to understand the goal. It all about the journey, and even if it stressful, we are working together to create an end product (quality of said product regardless). All you can do in some situations is put your 100% in and hope that others will do the same, and if not, you might have to get on them to do it- even if that means being annoying.

It is something I prefer not to do but I really wanted to try being in a group of people I do not know to well and may not be friends going into because I wanted to push myself in that aspect of my work. It’s so important to get out of your comfort zone because that way, when it matters and you don’t have a choice you might be able to handle it better.

We got it together nicely towards the end but it did take longer than we had hoped. And at the end of the day we were able to create something together.

PDF of the book


Distribution Images

Tanith placed hers on a table in the Terra Cotta (a local cafe).

Reflection of Outcome of Final Zine

There is a massive collective sketch book in the Moka Joka. We decided to play off of it to give our characters their own voice. I really enjoy that we have so many different art styles in there since our characters where the ones essentially writing the journal entries. This entire concept allows our Zine to be unique. In the journal each of our characters take on a normal day. And it allows the reader to understand our characters better.

In all, the final zine its fairly foil-proof and since that is genuine the things our characters would talk about and do in an average day. There is only one moment in the book there was more though put into however, that is just how that person’s character is, in that that character does not put much thought into her day and depicts what is happening as if it is current and not in the past.

We put effort in it and I hope for its success.

Performance Proposal

Storybook Pictures



Tanith- Bagel (B) & Manager (M)

Adeye- Dirty Moka (DM)

Taney- Hot Chocolate (HC)

Rosemary-Stella the stool (S)

Narrator/ Manager (speaking as if already over this whole thing)

“Hello everyone”

Today we will be induring a shocking murder mystery. For sensitive viewers we recommend there are times in which you may want to avert your eyes. Here are your characters.

Bagel, Stella the Stool, Dirty Moka, and Hot Chocolate. Without further ado this is A Day at Moka Joka!”

(the rest of the objects are asleep)

Bagel:”Ugh it’s still early in the morning and I can’t go back to sleep. Oh well might as well start the day. Another tedious day of laying on the counter. At least no one is here yet, I can enjoy some peace and quiet before the hoards of people come in.”

(A moment of silence)

B-“Hmm. People usually arrive by now. I wonder where everybody is? I guess that means more time to myself…..”

((Suddenly a dark figure comes from the back and approaches Bagel))

B-“Oh great. ((seeing the person)) I was wondering when someone was going to show up.”

Person : “Are you alone?”

Bagel: “I wish I could say yes, but I can’t.”

((The person picks up Bagel))

B- “Hey! What are you doing? I know I can’t walk but that doesn’t mean you can pick me up!”

((the person carries Bagel over to the bagel cutter and puts Bagel into the bagel cutter))

B- “Hey, I know what that thing is and I did not give you consent! NO! NO! NO! (Cut) AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHH! YOU CUT ME IN HALF! HOW AM I STILL ALIVE! AHHHHHHHHHH.

((The screams of Bagel wake up the Dirty Moka. But it is too late. The figure is gone, leaving nothing but the crumbs of bagel on the counter. Dirty Moka turns to the crowd with an overly shocked expression. The manager comes behind the counter.))

 Manager- “What was that about?”

((Dirty Moka Slinks back into the shadows.))

M- “Creepy.”

((Stella the Stool wakes up stretches and looks around.))

Stella- ”Morning!!”

((Stella jumps up off the chair and then jumps in place. Then she grabs her cape from the chair and puts it on, running in small circles with one fist extended))

s-”Why are there so many people? What are they here for? What are they talking about? Who are they? What time is it? What are their names? Do they want to play?  Are they heroes too? When can I explore outside?”

((Manager stares back with a flat expression of exhaustion and annoyance.))

 S- ((wonders away, mopping. Out of nowhere notices the crumbs and moves over to look at crumbs at eye level))

S- “What happened? What are they?”

((Stella continues to stare at the crumbs))

((Hot Chocolate enters))

HC-“Hello everyone! How are you today?” {saying other things she would when she enters}

HC-((Aside to the manager))”Can I leave now?”

M-”No you still have your shift!”

HC- “ok…. “eww what is on the table?”

S- “I asked that!”

((Dirty Moka enters from the shadows))

DM-“tHaT Is wHAt I Was WonDering As Well”

M- “I can’t I really can’t. GET OUT IM SERIOUS I CAN’T WITH YOU TODAY.”

((HC covers Stella’s ears)) 

M- “Maybe a good day I could deal with your creepy shit but today, oh today I can’t I’ve had it up to here. First I had to deal with bagel having a how monologue how it was being murdered. Then I had to look after Stephanie the chair trying to run away, and just before you decided to show up I had to put up Mrs.Coco thinking that shes miss thang or whatever but NOW I have to deal with this shit. No SIR NOT TODAY SATAN”

((DM lets a single tear fall))

M- ((looks apologetic)) “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said all that I’ve just had such a rough day and…” (other excuses thought up)


M- “yeah and? They are just crumbs.”

HC: ((takes hands away from Stella’s ears))

“You mean to tell me that you have just been ignoring this all day??? That’s it, Stella, we are leaving”

S- ”I finally get to leave the Moka Joka for the first time?!?! YaYYYYYY!!!” ((jumps up and down running in circles))

((Both exit into the crowd))

DM: “Why don’t you just admit to it?”

M- “Look I was hungry, if it weren’t for you meddling Moka, I would have gotten away with it too. Why didn’t you do anything about it?”

DM- “I sit in the shadows and wait to be the justice this city needs”

M- “OK ok, I’m sorry but dude I finished closing, and since I don’t get paid to deal with this crap…. duces” (runs away)

((DM looks creepily into the crowd and “THE END?” Is the Sign shown))

Costume Designs

Materials needed

  • Cloth
  • Card Board
  • Needle
  • Thread

Timeline of Work to be Done

  • Zines copied by the end of the day Monday 11/18/19
  • Costumes done by the end of the day Tuesday 11/19/19
  • Skit practices in studio afternoons between 11/19 and 11/26
  • Dress rehearsal in space over the upcoming weekend.


  • Each of us created our own chapter for the zine in our character’s style.
  • Adeye- assembling the Zines
  • Adeye- Scanning the zine into PDF
  • Me- Script
  • Tanith, Taney, and me- the structure of the Moka Joka model
  • Me- Painting and details of the model
  • Each of us are responsible for our own costume but will help each other in the process (Ex. Adeye is helping me with my costume since I am not very fabric-ally inclined)


I tried to emulate the recognizable neon signage as much as possible by making the sign light up in the dark, sadly it doesn’t show up as well as I wished in a well lit room but it does light up.