CoLab Inside/Outside

Prompt 1- Writing a Letter to Yourself

I wrote this letter to my future self by mailing it to my address at Alfred since I will not be able to open it until I move in again. Strange thinking that in 2 weeks we will be technically sophomores, whew! I used water colors to create the look of the stationary (since I do not have any) an I wrote with a brush tip pen to get the font of the letters.

Prompt 2- Pandemic Aesthetic

The pandemic has not really changed my outfits at all. I have not entered any other buildings but my house for a month so I have not needed a mask or gloves and the outfits I wear now are the same as the ones I wore at Alfred.

Admittedly, I am very far from a fashionista, I like comfortable clothes and if they happen to look good that is also good. Everyday I wear a t-shirt and black pants, predictable but dependable. And for practicality, a thick tie-dye scrunchy to hold back my hair later in the day. If I get cold I usually grab a sweatshirt from my room, all of which either have some popculture reference or something about gymnastics. The only thing I do not wear everyday that I did in Alfred is my blue hat which, works mostly for warmth.

New Jersey isn’t very cold. Especially this year when apparently we had no snow (can you imagine?!). So all my heavy winter gear is in a storage unit in Hornel just yearning until next year.

Actually this gets me thinking… it might be a good idea to change my style a bit. I was looking through some of my old sketchbooks and came across a record of the things I wear everyday and I drew the same thing I wear now and I realized I haven’t altered my style since 8th grade. Maybe I am just a cartoon character since most of the time in cartoons characters are depicted with a closet of identical outfits.

If I did change I think I would wear overalls (that I could paint in and also decorate myself). The pockets in overalls would be really useful and as an added bonus I will not have to worry about them slipping. But the reason I think I wear black stretch/ yoga pants all the time is because being a gymnast it was really important to me to be able to do handstands or splits without worrying about what I was wearing.

Prompt 4: Exquisite COLAB

I partnered with Duckie and the two of us decided to create an animal together. In order to do so we used a random animal generator and then took turns making changes and additions combining animals to create a mythical beast.

First Duckie sent me a Water-buck

Then I added a parakeet:

Duckie added an iguana:

Lastly, I added a Jackal

I also added a background for effect.

It was really fun being able to work together with them and I think we were able to make something very unique by combining our style.

Prompt 6: Go Outside, Draw a Line

We were told to draw a line as long as possible. So I took a whole piece of chalk and tried to see how many driveway blocks I could fill with the one piece. Surprisingly I could barely fill in 1 with the 6 inch long piece I used. But that was alright with me since I managed not to stop drawing the line until the chalk had all but disappeared.

It was a very fun experience to work with chalk again since I normally draw Disney characters in the summer for little kids on my driveway. Historically, every time I draw on the driveway it rains with in 24 hours and this was no acceptation. But over night I had an idea, I wanted to use art to brighten my neighborhood like I would normally for practice in the summer. I decided to create a very large picture of a peaceful garden with a calming message in hopes that people will would see it and gain encouragement to keep a positive attitude during these difficult times. I wanted to use this line project to connect people other than just blocks on my driveway.

Strong Together and Apart

I drew a forest not just because of its employment of line but also to create tranquility for people that are on their walks. Sadly it rained that night and was washed away before people could view it.

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